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Insect Pest Monitoring Network (IPMN)

Insect Monitoring Protocols

Insect pest monitoring protocols developed for use in Canadian agricultural crops have been researched, compiled and updated to ensure a ‘best practice’ approach to pest surveying conducted across the prairies.  Data generated through the application of these protocols is used to:

  • Forecast and issue risk warnings for agricultural pests.
  • Communicate weekly pest and crop updates to the industry and growers.
  • Generate risk warning maps for use by farmers, extension personnel, pesticide applicators, and pesticide manufacturers.
  • Monitor potential, new invasive species and their parasitoids.


Insect pest protocols are included for the following (the list does not reflect when the pests occur during season):


Insect Forecasting

Find pest monitoring protocols that contribute to and generate annual forecast maps for:


Insect Distribution and Abundance

Find pest monitoring protocols that generate annual distribution and abundance maps and contribute to long-term research data for:


Collaborative Research Protocols

Find research protocols that contribute to and support research for these pests:


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Jennifer Otani