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Western Forum on Pest Management (WFPM)

Announcing the Western Forum on Pest Management 2017

What: The Western Forum on Pest Management 2017

When: Wednesday October 25 to Friday October 27, 2017

Where: Fairmont Winnipeg, 2 Lombard Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Online registration for the 2017 WFPM Meeting is now available!

Please click the link below to register:


Note: The Entomological Society of Canada Annual Meeting for 2017 is being held at the Fairmont, Winnipeg from Sunday October 22 to Wednesday October 25, 2017, just prior to the Western Forum on Pest Management. This provides those who are interested a convenient opportunity to attend both meetings.  

Graduate Student Sponsorship Program for attendance at the WFPM

Background: This new program provides free registration and meals for graduate students studying plant pathology or entomology at Universities located in the four western provinces. There are three travel awards for students located outside the province where the WFPM is being held; one for each of SK, AB & BC in 2017. Each award has a maximum value of $750 based on a travel budget submitted by the graduate student applicant.

Application process: A graduate student applying for a WFPM Travel Award must submit the following application documents to Khalid Rashid by email at khalid.rashid@agr.gc.ca. Tel 204-822-7520:

1) a copy of their CV; 2) a half page overview of their research project; 3) a brief budget for travel; and 4) a short recommendation letter from their supervisor.

The deadline for accepting submissions is September 30th, 2017. Travel award applications will be processed rapidly after this date to allow students time to arrange their travel.

WFPM Agenda

Wednesday, October 25th (evening registration & reception),

Thursday, October 26th (WCCP & WCPD all day),

Friday, October 27th (Western Forum session, Adjournment at Noon)

WFPM Venue

Fairmont Winnipeg Reservation Information

Telephone: 1-204-957-1350

Toll Free Reservation: 1-866-540-4466

The Fairmont Winnipeg has created a GroupMAX website to assist us with registrations for the Western Forum on Pest Management. Please see the following website:


Note: A block of rooms has been reserved for this meeting. When registering, make sure to indicate that you are attending the Western Forum on Pest Management

Map and Directions to Fairmont Winnipeg: http://www.fairmont.com/winnipeg/map/mapanddirections/

Rates: $169 CAN per night